Sport at home: adopt the right method

Sport at home and without equipment has been heavily promoted for the past ten years thanks to programs such as the Lafay method . By using the weight of his body it is possible to work almost all the muscles and acquire an athletic versatility: Weight gain, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance.

In practice, many exercises require appropriate equipment to achieve satisfactory results . You do not need to have 50 machines, you just have to use the right equipment according to the objectives of each one. As a sports coach, I test many fitness and cardio equipment and accessories adapted to training programs at home or outdoors. I guarantee that the results on some of my clients are impressive! And without going to the room …

I will share with you my advice: the most effective exercises, training program to follow, the material and the preferred diet. Remember that whatever your goal (weight gain or weight loss) a suitable diet is essential to get results.
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