The 5 minutes effective device shaper

I have already noted for several years that the weight training equipment to work the abs the coast. A rather feminine audience? I do not know. I think that if a device is effective, or a man or a woman, why not use it?

Among the most popular  fitness equipment  , the 5min shaper definitely ranks at the top of the list. TV shows that have made him one of the best sellers of the sport and well-being category.

It is presented as a revolutionary product on television. The promise? In just 5 minutes a day, you should lose a waist and have pretty abs …

So does the 5 minute shaper keep his promise  ? Is it really effective? If the first customers did not know what to expect, today they are many to have tested it and to be able to give their opinion. This article is only available when you are interested in this type of machine. my clients.

If your budget is very small and you are looking to buy a cheap Roman chair, this is the ideal! But I test other models including a classic Sportstech Power Tower PT 300 and a Roman chair model  with punch bag  ! Click here to see my comparative

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What Roman chair to buy: different names

Several types of bodybuilding equipment are sold under the name « Roman Chair ». But some have the appearance of benches with which one can target different parts of the upper body such as abs or lumbar. These are minimalist versions of the most famous version of the Roman chairs:  the Power Tower .

I’m just going to talk about the Power Tower, which is a complete machine to muscular almost the entire upper body (and even squat legs) from movements to the weight of the body.

Nevertheless there is an interesting model for those who can: the  Roman wall chair . It takes the main features: pulls, dips, abs but is fixed to the wall for greater space and better stability. You will find a nice model from Gorilla Sports  here .
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Features and options of the Roman chair

The most complete version of the Roman chair will come  with  the following elements:

> Traction bar
> Dips station
> Pump handles
> Squat rack> Weight

So much material that I present to you separately as homebuilding essentials assembled in a single machine, which make the Roman chair the  cheap weight training station  par excellence.

To this is added the main characteristic of the Roman chair: its large cushion on which one can come to flatten his back during abdominal exercises . Lateral reinforcements serve as a support to allow to be the best stalled possible.

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Customers rating
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The PT 300 is the Roman chair that I chose for me. Very good quality: it's been 2 years that I use it has not moved.
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Samsung Galaxy J3 Smartphone débloqué 4G (Ecran: 5 Pouces - 8 Go - Micro-SIM - Android Lollipop 5.1) Noir
Customers rating
My opinion
The PT 300 is the Roman chair that I chose for me. Very good quality: it's been 2 years that I use it has not moved.
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The main exercises and muscles solicited

It is possible to work the entire upper body, and if you opt for a model with squat rack you can also strengthen the legs. What more ?

Here is a detail of the main  exercises  :

Dips at the Roman chaison

Parallel bars leave room for  dips .

The dips alone make it possible to work a large part of the bust: they solicit the pectorals, the anterior deltoids, the triceps, the big dorsal, the trapezius, and a little the abdominals.

If this exercise is too difficult for you, you can start with the dips between two banks. Once the exercise is under control you should be able to move to the Roman chair without difficulty, with the weight of your body. Later, you can even hang a weight around the waist or wear a weighted vest to add difficulty to the exercise.

Roman chair pulls

As dips,  pull ups  are one of the main exercises that allow the Roman chair. Muscling all the top like the dips, the tractions are particularly effective for forging a broad back and big biceps😉

Good to  know:  According to the Roman chairs, the pull bar can offer different grips to achieve its pulls: tight grip, wide, neutral … To target more specific muscles.

En salle de sport on trouve parfois un support qui vient se placer sous les genoux afin d’atténuer le poids du corps pour ceux qui n’arriveraient pas à se soulever.
Si c’est votre cas mais que vous préférez la musculation à domicile, vous pouvez obtenir un résultat similaire avec un élastique qui viendra vous aider.

Abdos à la chaise romaine

Dernier principal exercice : les abdos. Avec la chaise romaine il s’agit là de travailler ses abdos via des relevés de genoux.

Les relevés de genoux sollicitent particulièrement le grand droit des abdominaux en statique. Mais les relevés de genoux s’attaquent également aux droits antérieurs de la jambe ainsi qu’au psoas iliaque.

It is therefore an exercise that many believe only turned to the abdominal definition while it also solicits the thighs and flexor muscles of the hip.

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Other exercises and muscles required:

➤ The pecs through the horizontal handles

➤ trapezes thanks to the low handles

➤ Lateral and lateral elevations to strengthen the shoulders

➤ Glutes are also used during the knee

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Where to find a cheap Roman chair?

To benefit from the best prices, opt for the purchase on the internet rather than in stores like Go sport, decathlon or intersport. For example the Roman domyos decathlon chair is a good model but it is on sale for 200 €. The Tectake model is more complete since it offers a built-in foldable bench for the bench press, selling price at less than 150 €. And at a price equal to Power Tower PT 300 is in my opinion of much better quality.

This is explained by the fixed costs related to the physical costs of a store that forces them to sell at higher prices.

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