Sugar free diet for weight loss: good idea?

Sugar free diet: the false good idea Books, blogs, testimonials on social networks. For several years, « no » diets are supposed to delight people looking to lose weight, or keep the line. No gluten, no lactose or no fat. These withdrawal-based diets are … Read More

How to increase your testosterone?

How to increase testosterone?

Talking about testosterone in the minds of most is tantamount to referring to man’s virility. But testosterone is a hormone that plays a much bigger role in the functioning of the body. The question is, what is testosterone? What is its importance ? Know … Read More

Paleo diet: my opinion

Le paléolithique est une période de la Préhistoire s’étendant de -2,9 millions d’années à -12 000 ans. Durant cette période apparaît la première espèce du genre Homo : l’Homo Habilis.  L’homme est alors un chasseur cueilleur qui n’a pas encore … Read More